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This is a Wiki ReactiveMicro page to share the Raspbian Pom1, for all Raspberry pi Disrtibution. POM1 is an apple 1 emulator and i have compiled it inside linux to boot at startup in full hdmi screen. Some Raspberry pi can show a mouse pointer for less than a second in your screen before loding the POM1 emulator i advice a 1 A+ Raspberry pi. To install it, unrar it with winrar or similar program, then connect your preformatted SD card from 16gb or more and with win32DiskImager upload the image inside the SD. When ready connect it to Raspberry pi and after connecting to it Keyboard, HDMI cable and power supply give it current, wait some seconds a @ will appear.

POM 1 Raspberry pi Operative System Donwload link:


POM 1 Video: