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ReActiveMicro has 2 different license categories which are Software and Hardware. There are 3 general types of licensing which are Business, Closed Source, Open Source. All works, projects, and software from ReActiveMicro are copy written and all rights reserved.

"Business License" is a contract negotiated between ReActiveMicro and another party with the intent for resale by other than ReActiveMicro. No parts of any project or property owned by ReActiveMicro, including but not limited to hardware and software, can be reused, resold, or distributed for profit without a signed agreement from ReActiveMicro implicitly stating permission. Rights are NOT transferable to other parties, die with the original contact, and are returned in full to ReActiveMicro.

"Closed Source" is a project that has not been released in any form. These can also be licensed if negotiated and would be governed by a Business License.

"Open Source" follows the spirit of the GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3). Use of any works, projects, and software from ReActiveMicro is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • All works, projects, and software from ReActiveMicro are copy written and all rights reserved (1991-Current).
  • Permission for PERSONAL research, use, copy, modify, software and/or its documentation is hereby granted without fee.
  • Any changes made are to be clearly documented and redistributed under this license. ReActiveMicro will also be directly notified of these changes. All rights to these changes will pass to ReActiveMicro in full.
  • User agrees not to distribute, sell, or reuse any code or knowledge/experience learned for business purposes or for MONETARY GAIN without first notifying and obtaining permission from ReActiveMicro.
  • User agrees to assume all liability for use. ReActiveMicro makes no representations about the suitability for any purpose. Files are provided "AS-IS" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.
  • User agrees to display the above copyright notice and this license notice in all copies of any works, projects, and software and any documentation.

The concept behind being "Open Source": ReActiveMicro would like to share knowledge and work with the Community without the worry of others taking this information and using it against us to compete. We do not wish to compete with others, and in return we wish the same respect be given. We hope by being Open Source we help spur on others to improve our projects and even create their own which ultimately benefits the Community. If these changes are impressive or unique in some way which adds value to a project then it is up to ReActiveMicro's discretion to offer reward or incentives.