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I've worked at Apple and Broderbund in the distant past. Wrote virtual machines and did various firmware work on smart televisions and set-top boxes. Was a NeXT-head until Apple bought NeXT. Once everything started going downhill, technologically-wise I got back into the 8-bit stuff to reevaluate well... what the h*** went wrong?! In modern tech there are some things I still like. bash is ok and golang is like a drunk stumbling his way toward recovery. I've never been much of a drinker but that's how I feel the industry has gone. A bit. Nothing too serious.

Currently I work on golang with IBM 360-ish mainframe integration in mind. Kinda curious considering I bailed on TRW and all its 360/CICS trimmings when I was a teen. However, we go with what is most sane, or least insane. And folks, the internet is truly insane. Why do you trust giving your personal info to anyone at this point? Are you sane? Let me know. :-)