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Apple // enthusiast 1977-1986, 2010-present.

How is this Possible?[edit]

Well, I've been an apple // enthusiast since 1977 but I didn't have my own apple // as a kid so when I left home in 1986, I left the apple // behind. I didn't rediscover the apple // until 2010 and have been tinkering with it ever since.

What have you Done?[edit]

I've written programs in Integer Basic, AppleSoft, Kyan Pascal and Assembly. My //e peripherals include: No-Slot-Clock, Uthernet, CFFA, DiskII, Mocking Board and Ram Works iiii. At kFest 2014 my protégé Ivan & I demoed our Game Port Interface Board & in doing so we also demoed a double-low-res PowerPoint-like app. At kFest 2016 we made 9 special edition Game Port Interface Boards available at the vendor fair & gave a short talk about the boards. We have a Game Port utility available - made for the Game Port Inteface Board but will work with any simple device plugged into the 16-pin DIP socket.

External Links[edit]

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