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Please post your support questions here and ReActiveMicro or someone from the Community will be glad to assist you!

Adding a -12v power supply for using an Apple II keyboard?

So my replica-1 works great. But I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a keyboard response from the II+ keyboard (with encoder and adapter cable) that is part of the II+ style case I put together. Read the manual again, and noticed, "Please note, you will need to supply your own -12V power for Apple II keyboards."

I am interested to learn what solutions might exist for getting the II+ keyboard working.

FROM Henry: I believe, as you stated, it requires the -12v line to use an Apple II keyboard. I see you also posted the question here: Simplest I believe would be to use build a -12v circuit to make the voltage. Here are some examples:

I have 'cheated' in the past and used a +12v power supply which was isolated. Be sure you understand this concept of isolated. And then connect the positive line to COMMON on the board and connect the negative line to the -12v load. This USUALLY works, but don't quote me on it. And I never tried it on the Replica 1, so I can't guaranty it will work or not damage things.

Simplest I can think of could be to use a PSU that supplies all voltages and has a common between them all. The ReActiveMicro Universal PSU for example would work: It does however add some bulk to the project compared to a simple USB AC power adapter. And you will need a cable to USB adapter too which will replace the USB power adapter and let you connect to the Replica 1.

Hope that helps.

Henry [END]

FROM Matt: Your suggestion gives me the idea of mounting a Universal PSU in the case, and hanging a dual-outlet system-saver (such as Kensington) off the side of the case. Both the PSU and the USB could simply plug into that. Seems a bit silly, but it might look kinda cool. I'm not sure I would know how to power the USB directly from the PSU anyway. Getting -12 to the keyboard will be challenging enough. Thanks for the great input!

Matt [END]

A few questions

I’m interested in the Replica-1 but had a few questions.

1: Am I correct in assuming that I can use My HDMI monitor: with an RCA to HDMI converter? My USB keyboard: with a PS/2 to USB converter?

FROM Henry: Correct and correct, with some possible exceptions. One is the "RCA to HDMI Converter" would need to be able to input NTSC CVBS. The other is only some USB keyboards will work. Most don't report their USB version compliance. In short, you need an early "USB 1" (0.7-2.0-ish) keyboard. Anything past about 2005 might not work. Best to try a few keyboards just to be safe if the first one doesn't work. That being said, I did find a few 'cheaper' keyboards from about 2010 which do work.

2: I want to make sure that I can connect to it to enter programs. I saw the video of the 8-bit guy entering programs via a serial cable of some sort and sending files with putty.

I was originally going to ask if a specific USB to TTL cable has been verified to work for this purpose. My guess was that this would be similar to connecting to a the serial console on the raspberry pi like so:

But I see from the manual that this interface seems to have changed: "Connect your replica 1 to your PC/Mac with a USB cable." I'm not sure exactly which type of USB cable is being referred to here? I had planned to use connect from a Linux or Mac using gnu screen rather than Windows.

FROM Henry: Yes, any standard USB 2.0 cable seems to work for me. So to be specific in this case, a USB 2.0 "Standard-A" to "Mini-B 5Pin" would work perfectly as far as I'm aware. This is the kind of cable I used.

3: Is there a collection of source code somewhere that has been verified to run on the machine?

FROM Henry: Sorry, not sure I understand this question. "Source code" of what? And as far as I know there is no "verified" anything. Users, like yourself, can update this RM Wiki page to help share their experiences in order to help others who stop by. However there's no official "verification" to what anyone does. You are encouraged to share your experiences and information about this project. Please feel free to edit and add things as you see fit. Help such as keyboards that work would be good. HDMI adapters also might be useful. And feel free to upload code or add a section on how to transfer code to the system using the USB cable.

FROM Alex: Apologies for the confusion. My understanding is that this machine runs (1) 6502 assembler, (2) Integer BASIC and (3) Applesoft BASIC. I was just looking for some example programs in those languages and was hoping that there was a community site of some sort where people were sharing some of their programs for this particular replica.

FROM Henry: Not sure there is any Community site for the Apple I or programs for it. I would also assume there is something. However I don't know of any, and no one has updated this Wiki page with a link to such a site. If/when you find one please add a link on the page to help others like yourself. Thanks!