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Here is a pic of the top silk layer with all the location markings and values.

Parts list and locations


C1 10 25v small green bulb
C6 471 flat brown
C14 *7501 brown bulb
C16 & C18 221 flat brown x2
C19 22uf 50v electrolytic can
All other C positions: 104 tantalum cap x12


R4 & R10 Brown Black Brown 100 ohms x2
R9 Brown Black Red 1k
All other R positions: Brown Black Orange 10k x7


Q1 2N3904 Transistor (Not needed for IIgs version)
DDT1 DM74S287N
DDT2 DM74S571N


Is there a build instructions somewhere? The technical folder includes photo of a required wire... This should be called out elsewhere somehow because I had no idea it was necessary from looking at the main wiki page.