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2022: My research to build the best and smaller Apple 1 ever existed is continuing... I had an idea. why not make an internet search to build an Arduino Apple 1? So i Started searching the net and i have found this homepage: This is most an Apple ii Applesoft Basic emulator without GR graphics and i was able to build it over the Arduino Uno board adjusting the ram size, but my research about the Apple 1 never finished and i have found this page: So i told this is the right one! I had to read everything and understand that the best deal was the Arduino Due because of his bigger RAM size so could be possible to emulate an 8k Apple 1 and load programs directly from terminal (Tera Term on Windows). I m still waiting to be a presenter in Kansasfest 2022 with this emulator Vs Don Lancaster Monitor i have built alwayse with an Arduino Uno. Here you can find the video on how to build the Apple 1 Arduino Due:

Instructions; After uploading A1 sketch inside Arduino Due ROM from Arduino IDE for Windows etc, you have to connect it to the usb port of your PC and after installing Tera Term in Windows Start it and choose these parameters: Serial Com port of Arduino Due, then from menu Setup - Terminal choose Receive: AUTO Transmit: CR and under menu Setup - Serial Port: Speed 9600 and Transmit Delay 50 ms char and 120 ms line.

2024: The research still continue and with new arduino uno r4 wifi i had the opportunity to miniaturize again the Apple 1 clone with this emulator: with 8k ram works fine. Tera Term settings are the same as for Arduino Due.

I have programmed also a modern version with led matrix logo for arduino uno r4 wifi coding:

LATEST NEWS (THE SMALLER): I have found an Arduino Nano capable of running Apple 1 emulator for Arduino with full RAM of the original Apple 1, exactly 48kb RAM and 8kb BASIC, all software works or should be expected to work, i have tested some. The Arduino is Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense V2 and the code to be filled in his memory with arduino ide is here :

Some historic facts :

Woz monitor Explained :

Terminal settings are the same file as Arduino Due.

This software is developed to use inside arduino only for educational purpose.