Pong Arduino Due Mini Arcade Cabinet Bootleg

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So it is the 1970 ca. and i'm searching to build a new Videogame (The First One!). But come back to reality! It's 2024 and Pong Arcade Cabinet and Bootleg were made for more than 50 years. Why not try to build a Mini replica???? Ok here we go with my project: Buy an Arduino Due, a mini Oled Adafruit display and connect all this togheter and to your computer via Serial Monitor Tera Term Windows app, Fill this program inside the Arduino Due with this code https://forum.arduino.cc/t/pong-game-with-arduino-due-and-oled-adafruit-display-with-serial-terminal-keyboard/1224164 , build cutting, a mini Pong Cabinet or similar with some cardboard and connect it with glue. Make a hole over the frontal panel and pass the cable of the display put inside the Arduino Due and connect the screen with a piece of scotch in the back of it. Cover the cabinet with painted paper or print the picture of the screen with your printer. The cabinet is made! play with Serial Terminal and your computer keyboard with w and s key.