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This is my program Visual Apple II OS that I built for Hackfest 2020, it's a simple Operating System. It boots with a chime like "ta dan" synthesized by an Apple II program then show the name of the OS and the Loading screen.

Running the OS you see a visual interface With commands shown: Commands are, Make Folder (you can write the name of the folder maximum 250 carachters) you have 10 lines to enter folders( you can also leave some line empty or all empty by pressing return on the keyboard)

Then you have to enter the corresponding files content for each folder folder 1 is the line of the first file line and so on alwayse with maximum 250 charachters.

After the ten lines there is a command prompt where you can choose or to see the content of the folder by writing his name previously inserted correctly or some command like BK back to command prompt or DELF delete folder or RST reset to homepage screen, There is also a MEM to show occupied variables memory and BASIC to go to applesoft basic prompt to program.

This is a simple example built in Applesoft of an Operating System.

[| Click Here to see Video ]
[| Click Here to Download]

I have made a new release with in this disk i have united both Visual A2 and Folder A2 OS made by me. Now there is a graphic interface.

[| Click Here to Download]

I have developed a new VISUAL 2 OS system Example with a new Graphics interface and navigation system with a working calculator of mine and a counter clock sample

I have modified a little the OS Example with some embellishments and hints you find it here: