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Manilla Gear NO SLOT CLOCK

The Manila Gear No Slot Clock was released in May 2017. The NSC allows your Apple II to remember the date and time. It will work on an Apple II, Apple II plus, Apple //e or an Apple //c. It features dual break-off battery holders so you can install it however you like. This is specially useful if space is tight.

Note: The No Slot Clock does not fit in the //c or IIc Plus if a RAM card has been installed.

You can order the NSC in one of three pre-configured versions, based on where you plan to use it:

  • Apple II or II plus motherboard
  • Apple //e or //c motherboard, or slot card with a 28 pin EPROM (e.g. MicroDrive)
  • Slot card with a 24 pin EPROM (e.g. Super Serial Card)

Other configurations are available on request.

Some of the unique features of the No Slot Clock:

  • User replaceable CR2032 batteries
  • Break-off battery holders
  • Machine pin socket on the top for reliable connections to your ROM chip
  • Regular IC socket on the bottom to preserve your motherboard / slot card IC socket (no more “socket stretch”)
  • Switchable configuration. Solder jumpers can be set for use on an Apple II or IIplus, or an Apple //e or //c, or a slot card that has an EPROM.

Product Status: Actively sold by Manila Gear and ReActiveMicro.

Support: Post on the Discussion page (link above) or email ReActiveMicro Support.

Sales: Visit the ReActiveMicro Store.


v1.1 was made available for pre-order as of May 2017.


The PCB design allows for manufacturing flexibility. The crystal can be cylinder or square type. The CR2032 Battery Holder can be the minimalistic low profile metal clip or the round plastic type. Through-hole pins are available to wire the break-off battery holder to the main board.

Apple //c Installation

When installing on a //c, the height of the No Slot Clock will interfere with the //c 1Meg RAM Card. One workaround is to remove the regular socket on the bottom of the No Slot Clock. However, this will introduce socket stretch.

Compatibility Issues

The No Slot Clock design is well tested in the Apple II. So far the only known issue exists with the Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard. No damage will occur, however the Apple II will tend to lock up on boot.

There have been reports that sometimes the Apple II will work correctly with the SoftCard in Slot 5.

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