IIgs ROM1 Adapter

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Apple IIgs ROM1 Adapter
Current version from ReActiveMicro

The IIgs ROM1 Adapter converts a ROM0 IIgs to a ROM1 by replacing the ROM on the motherboard. It allows an older Apple IIgs system to run newer software like GS/OS.

The Adapter project was conceived of and created by Henry from [ReActiveMicro].

Project Status: Complete. In production. Actively sold by ReActiveMicro.

Support: Post on the Discussion page (link above) or email ReActiveMicro Support.

Sales: Visit the ReActiveMicro Store.


Back in 2005 when Henry from ReActiveMicro first returned to the Apple II he found several IIgs systems obtained were ROM0 and couldn't run GS/OS v6.0.1. He also found that some ROM0 IIgs users wanted to upgrade their systems to ROM1. However there isn’t a simple way to do so since Apple used a nonstandard ROM. Henry then found a way to use two Machine Pin Sockets to allow a 27C1001 EPROM to work in place of Apple’s 531000 OTP ROM IC.