Don Lancaster TV Typewriter Arduino Uno

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After installing the Basic inside Arduino Uno i come up with an idea, can i output Basic on the rca tv input? I come out with this invention: a similar to Don Lancaster TVTypewriter Arduino Uno. Searching the net i found this videoutput schematic i build it and after installing the demo tvout Sketch it worked fine, i used only two different resistor beacuse luck of it so the image was a little brighter but adjusting the tv brightness and contrast knobs i had a pretty black and white image. After this i thought to built a script that can transmit something on may rca tv input, i found the NTSCSerialTerminal Sketch inside tvout Arduino Uno Library i uploaded it to the Arduino Uno rom and after setting up Tera Term to serial the Arduino Uno Com port and serial speed 57600 i have a Similar to Don Lancaster TvTypewriter after connecting the rca to tv and changing input in monitor menu, it was really cool to revive a 1973 project with 2000 hardware. Here an how to video: