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Ciao Mr.Woz
Ciao Mr.Woz
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This is a ReactiveMicro wiki page about the Apple II .dsk floppy image, Apple 1 Simulator: 27/02/2017

To load it use AppleWin for Windows, Linapple for Linux or Virtual II for Apple Machines.

This is an Apple 1 for Apple //e Simulator, I have added one program and two games in the Apple 1 OS, one Simple Calculator and SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? made by me.A porting from Apple 1 ROCK PAPER SCISSORS for Apple //e made by me.And a Free Mem program made by me. To exit the first two screens press R return and * return respectively. with 0100R i have built a program that show free variable mem. with 0300R to go to BASIC, with 0500R you can run a Simple Calculator, with 0700R you can run SHALL WE PLAY A GAME mini game. I have add the game from Apple 1 "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS" by makeing a porting for Apple II and adding it to the code and adding a call with 0900R in the prompt. With 0 A9 0 AA 20 EF FF E8 8A 4C 2 0 you run the text monitor remember to write R and press RETURN. I have made a little modification in the code that display the prompt screen like in a real Apple 1. With 0300R Then F3, select Integer image inside Apple 1 Folder Then CATALOG and then LOAD HELLO and RUN, return, you go in INTEGER BASIC, otherwise you can load it pressing F3 in the emulator and selecting Integer image inside Apple 1 Folder. To load an Apple II game or program inside apple 1 simulator write CATALOG at the prompt then LOAD and name of the program seen in CATALOG. JUST FOR FUN!

Matteo Trevisan

an Applesoft Hobbist Developer

Ciao Mr.Woz

A1.jpg A2.jpg A3.jpg "My dream was to make a computer similar to an Apple 1, this is the closest thing i have done programming : )"