AppleWin Serial to USB Communication port

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This is a small entry just to show you i have found a method to make communicate Applewin Via USB to a serial Arduino Uno Genuino Serial port. To build it i have used the program in the file i have attached here: and upload it to arduino rom via Arduino ide. Then i have connected the Arduino's usb ports to computer and Arduino and started AppleWin emulator After selecting Apple //e config and COM6 in my case, you can check your Arduino COM port under the Arduino ide menu. After this i have loaded this PROTERM .dsk disk on AppleWin and made it start. How you can see from this video the leds on Arduino blinks in yellow for receive and transfer date. I hope this little experiment can be useful in future for other products like, who knows make communicate directly the emulator with a Floppy disk drive for the Apple ii, a modem etc.

By Toolkitman