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The 4soniq was created by Manila Gear in April 2016.

The 4soniq gives the Apple IIgs four separate channels of sound, instead of the usual one.

Each of the 32 oscillators available in the Apple IIgs’ Ensoniq Digital Oscillator Chip (DOC) can be assigned to play on any one of 8 output channels. One 4soniq card unlocks 4 of those channels. Pair it with a second 4soniq card to unlock all 8!

To enjoy four channel sound with the 4soniq, you will need four powered speakers (e.g. two sets of 2.1 computer speakers setup up as Front Left, Front Right, Surround Left and Surround Right), and the appropriate software.

Four channel sound is now supported in Ninjaforce’s Kaboom! and has been tested successfully on modified versions of Ninjaforce’s NinjaTracker * and Sheppyware’s AmperSound GS. See the downloads section for more software.

For software that does not support four channel sound yet, the 4soniq functions equally well as a two channel stereo card.

Project Status: Complete. In production. Actively sold by Manila Gear and ReActiveMicro.

Support: Post on the Discussion page (link above) or email ReActiveMicro Support.

Sales: Visit the ReActiveMicro Store.


The 4soniq was created by Jon Christopher Co and John Valdezco of Manila Gear in April of 2016.

Sydney, Australia, 29 April 2016—Manila Gear today announced the 4soniq interface card for the Apple IIGS. The card gives IIGS owners the ability to connect up to 4 separate powered speakers so they can enjoy quadraphonic surround sound. In addition to providing four channels of output, the 4soniq gives owners the ability to capture audio with a single channel input digitiser.

The 4soniq was announced at WOzFest /// where Jon Christopher Co demonstrated a prototype 4soniq card for attendees to inspect and use in KABOOM! gameplay.

“It all started when we were chatting about how the Apple IIGS can generate 8 channels of sound, and fellow Apple enthusiast Andrew Roughan wondered ‘if anyone ever attempted such a design.’ John and I checked it out and we decided to give it a shot!” said Jon. “We hope Apple IIGS users enjoy using it and programming for it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.”

Different Versions of the Apple IIGS VGA Adapter[edit]

There have been a few versions of the 4soniq.

Documentation, Files, and Software[edit]