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The Apple IIGS was the promoted for it’s unique Graphics and Sound capabilities. It uses the 5503 Ensoniq Digital Oscillator Chip (DOC) to produce realistic sound effects and music as well as sample inputs such as voice and instruments. This professional grade chip is unfortunately limited to mono output via the 3.5mm jack on the IIGS due to a design change at Apple.

The 2soniq overcomes this limitation to unlock stereo sound by interfacing to the Ensoniq DOC directly. Manila Gear designed the 2soniq as a high quality yet cost effective solution to overcome previous IIGS sound limitations. Almost all Apple IIGS software is compatible with stereo sound with existing software such as instant music natively supporting 2-channel output with the 2soniq.

The 2soniq is quick to install and requires no special software or drivers to being experiencing stereo sound output. Excellent compatibility can be expected as the 2soniq uses a 3.5mm stereo jack for use with powered speakers.

Manila Gear created the 2soniq in April 2017 and have joined the many partnerships at ReActive Micro to sell and distribute the card.

Enthusiasts can unlock further capabilities of the IIGS by purchasing the 4soniq - a four channel sound card also designed by Manilla Gear.

Project Status: Complete. In production. Actively sold by Manila Gear and ReActiveMicro.

Support: Post on the Discussion page (link above) or email ReActiveMicro Support.

Sales: Visit the ReActiveMicro Store.


April 2017 - 2soniq v1.0 released to strong sales and positive enthusiast reviews


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